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Blue Circle Sailing Club: 21st and 22nd May

Firstly I would like to say a huge “Congratulations” to Peter and Amanda Wibroe who got married in May. We would also like to say that the impromptu Stag night after sailing at the club on the Sunday before the wedding was very good fun. Thank you to the Race Officer who abandoned racing due to no wind so we could get going on the festivities!! Best wishes to Peter and Amanda for a happy future.

The club is on the up with a Snipe National Champion amongst us!!  We currently have 7 able Snipes including our club boat which we have worked on ready to promote the fleet during club racing and open days.  The club itself seems to be developing inline with the Snipe fleet by showing increased signs of activity even if not always in participation.

The week before the Snipe open we had a family day at the club which was extremely successful and a height of activity. We also had 6 Snipes out on the water practising – albeit in much lighter winds than were seen at the open!

Andrew Wibroe has sold his boat to the Williams family from Budworth who happened to get a fantastic result in it at the Nationals!!!  We are hoping that Andrew’s movement from the fleet as a helm is only temporary.

Some sailors from Blue Circle from other classes were seen out in Snipes at the Open and said they would like to do it all again some time – we didn’t put them off!! Thanks to Liz for lending her boat especially when it returned with a muddy mast and no burgie!!

Position Boat Helm Crew Points
1 GBR29501 Iain Marshall Richard Marshall 6.25
2 GBR30316 Alan Williams Susan Robertson 9.5
3 GBR29164 Ian Knight Fabien Vernhes 15.75
4 GBR28451 Ian Gregory Jenna Gibson 16
5 GBR20255 Richard Lambert Anne Gregory 27
6 GBR29611 Sue Roberts Steve Roberts 32
7 GBR30226 Mark Antonelli Susan Robertson 38
8 GBR29834 Richard Smith Mike Kerr 40
9 GBR30315 Brian Gregory Anne Gregory 41
10 Andrew Wibrow Caroline Murdoch 49

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