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Broadstairs Sailing Club: 28th and 29th June 2008

‘Like the Carribean but with fish and chips’
Bright sunshine, a strong sea breeze, warm, weak beer and fish and chips – ingredients for a great weekend of sailing and holidays at Thanet Regatta.

50 assorted dinghys and 8 snipes hit the water Saturday afternoon just as the sea breeze and tide kicked in. Rescue boats were kept busy as the asymetrics navigated the short chop, 50 degree windshifts and vicious gusts under the chalk cliffs – conditions which provided the Snipe fleet with great close tactical racing. Unfortunately the wind just kept building and by the end of lap 3 most of the race fleets were happy to reach dry land.

Sunday dawned with forcasts varying from 10 to 25 knots and again the big windshifts and a strong thermal effect made for tactical and exciting racing. With the race team determined to make up for the shortage of races on Saturday we got 5 back to back races despite the numerous opportunities for inspecting the undersides of the less seaworthy dinghy classes that littered the racecourse as the wind and tide built early in the afternoon.

The Marshalls came out top in the tricky conditions with 3 firsts, Mark and Susan second with Maxim and Fabiene from SN Le Havre sailing a consistent series to finish 3rd.

This was our first UK regatta in our Snipe- a new years resolution to get sailing again after 3 years landlocked in central Belgium – and an event to remember. We have enjoyed all of the races we have entered so far in Antwerp , Holland and France and the Snipe is proving a great boat – tactical, technical , traditional and exiting – we look forward to our next UK events and to welcoming the UK Snipes to sample some stronger beer, sausage and mussels later in the summer.

The Gibsons: Andy, Owen (Saturday crew) & Jenna (Sunday crew)

Foot note from Mark Antonelli Class National Sec
Andy Gibson discovered Snipes having moved from UK to Belgium with his job, where Snipes are the most successful one design dinghy class. His performance at this event showed that he is no beginner to sailing, made more remarkable in the fact that he sailed 6 races in strong wind conditions with his daughter Jenna who I am guessing is ten years young. If there were a regatta award for courage Jenna surely would have earned it.

Position Boat Helm Name Crew Name Points
1 GBR29501 Iain Marshall Richard Marshall 8.25
2 GBR30226 Mark Antonelli Susan Robertson 11.5
3 GBR29437 Maxim Romain Fabien Vernhes 17
4 GBR29374 Andy Gibson Jenna Gibson 17.75
5 GBR30315 Brian Gregory Anne Gregory 21
6 GBR30316 Alan Williams Liz Crouch 23
7 GBR28451 Ian Gregory Cécile Munoz 30
8 GBR29611 Sue Roberts Steve Roberts 32

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