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Le Havre, France: 20th and 21st June 2009

“Bent comme une banane”

One UK Snipe travelled to the annual open hosted by the lovely yacht club at Le Havre, France on the 20th June. With my usual crew sidelined by an injury, I looked to the previous owner of Basil (K29611), Pete Wolstenholme, for support. So it was that Basil and two owners headed for the Continent one Friday evening.

The plan was to overnight in Yvetot about 3/4 hour from Le Havre before continuing on to the venue.. Nothing amiss with the plan, and indeed the hotel was a peach, but, as with the best adventures, there were unexpected events with which to contend ...and this was a good one. Any readers from the Orknies, and anyone else who has tossed a caber, may appreciate the art required to pull off the following. Upon negotiating a motorway toll booth in the night, the head of the mast, cradled in a high lift mast u-lift, was expertly inserted into the very low barrier with the result that it was separated from its restraints and in fact left clean behind, wedged vertically in the approach lane to booth neuf!!!!

After a rather depressing breakfast the following morning, with chat that included "bent comme une banane" we finally made it to Le Havre. Luckily local heros Jean-Jaques and Gilles set to work on straightening the mast and repairing a very mashed up spreader bracket! Whatever was done seemed to help Basil go rather well during the races (see results).

The Saturday evening involved fantastic French hospitality with Matilde Romaine organising a sumptuous meal at another fab yacht club down the road. Conditions for both days were perfect with force 2-3 winds and sunshine all weekend. I am sure the Romaines had something to do with organising that too!! I would thoroughly recommend a trip there next year and for any Snipe located in the south east the trip from Dover was very pleasant (apart from the barrier!). Thank you to all of the organisers and to Pete for a very enjoyable weekend.

Rank Sail No. Helm Name Crew Name Nett
1st BEL30265 Thierry DEN HARTIGH Fabienne WALKENS 6
2nd FRA30757 Jean-Jacques FREBAULT Gilles BOISAUBERT 13
4th FRA29409 Michel VILLETTE Nadia EL GHOZI 22
5th FRA29906 Jean-Benoit COQUELLE Aurélie PEROCHEAU 28
6th FRA29856 Jérôme THOMAS Yann Le FORMAL 34
7th FRA29367 Maxim ROMAIN Sylvie BURETTE 39
8th FRA27449 Jose MENDES Claude MULET 45
9th FRA28221 Gilles CAVELIER Sylvie BURETTE 51
10th FRA29467 Fabien VERNHES Jacques ROMAIN 52
11th FRA29005 Philippe ROY Richard TERRACHER 66

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