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Maldon Yacht Club: 3rd and 4th October 2009

9 Snipes turned up for the Maldon snipe open & SE championships. After two attempts to reach the start on Saturday morning the breeze firmly persuaded Carol & I that we were destined to watch  the days racing from the shore. The successful race that followed provoked some prosaic discussions afterwards – so I will give you Iain Marshals description with some edits:

Saturday just gone at Maldon dawned a bright (overexageration Iain) and blustery (underexageration Iain) morning and upon taking to the water, some of us realised that once round the point things were going to get a bit fruity. As a class, we were very lucky that a tragic loss was avoided.  Over the past few years, certain elements of the fleet have become important to us all and none more so than Ian's burgee !!

After painstakingly crafting it out of sticky back plastic, toilet rolls and straws it was very evident that Ian possessed not only a blue peter badge but a gold one at that !!  The protection and love towards this object extended to even creating an object to scare seagulls and other flying predators away from his beloved burgee !!!

Upon returning to shore, Ian and the fleet were at a loss at the thought that his burgee was no more!!  Luckily enough, the story does have a partially happy ending as the burgee was fixed

Spectators were treated to the spectacle of 2 Snipes struggling to avoid becoming airbourne as they reached into the finish line and to a masterly demonstration of emergency gybe by the lee in gusty Force 6+ by Alan and Liz as they abandoned an attempt at returning to the slipway – well done to the 4 boats that made it past the point!

Saturday night was an eclectic mix of Maldon hospitality with the added entertainment of a genuine emergency at midnight when the extra high tide proved too much for one of the portholes of the Maldon Yacht club clubhouse/barge forcing unfortunates to don still wet wetsuits and descend into the rising flood in the basement to carry out emergency repairs.

Sunday was a more comfortable force 2-3 with real sunshine and 3 good races round the cans of Maldon. Alan and Liz retained their SE championship crown closely followed by Ian Knight and Guy. A good end to the 2009 UK snipe season!

Anyone still keen to sail their snipe in 2009 should join Sue Roberts & the Belgians for the annual sausage race in Antwerp on Saturday November 21st – sausages for breakfast, lunch and dinner, coupled with upwind/downwind sausage courses (sausage marks) are on the menu with fancy dress , carnivore tendency and resistance to strong beer and early morning vodka an advantage.

Position Sail No Helm Name Crew Name Points
1 GBR30316 Alan Williams Liz Pike 6.5
2 GBR29164 Ian Knight Guy Welch 8.75
3 GBR29374 Andy Gibson Carol Gibson 15.75
4 GBR29501 Iain Marshall Richard Marshall 20
5 GBR28451 Ian Gregory Cécile Munoz 24
6 GBR29611 Sue Roberts Steve Roberts 25
7 GBR20255 Peter Tipler Richard Lambert 30
8 GBR30315 Brian Gregory Diana Gregory 31

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