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holmRegatta1Each year Orkney Snipes congregate in St. Mary's for the Holm Regatta. The event is open to all classes but Snipes always dominate the racing.

The event was originally planned for Saturday 17th August but a summer gale forced a postponement. The waiting paid off though and warm summery weather with a fine breeze provided perfect conditions for the biggest event in the Holm Sailing Club racing calendar. Three back to back races were held, the first two being class races and the third was the Allcomers. Course 5 was sailed for the moderate South Easterly wind.

Snipe: The Holm Sailing Club Snipe trophy has a reputation for being difficult to win, this year Neil Foubister's Fiddlesticks made it look easy winning both races.

Race 1:
1 Fiddlesticks (Neil Foubister and Thorfinn Johnston), 2 Kontiki (David Clouston and Edward Johnston), 3 Smurf (Mairi Fleet and Alan Donaldson), 4 Boreus (Ian Johnstone and ?), 5 Moonstone (Andrew Leslie and Joshua Brown), 6 Go Quickly Red (Malcolm Tipler and Doody Robertson), 7 Aeolus (Charlie Siderfin and Sylvia Murray), 8 Go Faster Blue (Peter Tipler and Ewan Johnstone), 9 Aquamania (Malcolm Gordon and Michelle Scott), 10 Siesta (Leighton Venables and Adrian Askew), 11 Jaws (Emma Thomson and Mark Causer), 12 Hassfang (Chris Moore and Harvey Dunnett).

Race 2:
1 Fiddlesticks, 2 Go Faster Blue, 3 Boreus, 4 Kontiki, 5 Go Quickly Red, 6 Moonstone, 7 Hassfang, 8 Smurf, 9 Aquamania, 10 Aeolus, 11 Jaws, 12 Siesta

The overall scores gave first place to Fiddlesticks with a perfect score of 2, 2nd went to Kontiki with 6 points. Boreus was close behind with 7 points.

Mixed Centreboards: The Mixed Centreboard class was somewhat depleted this year. Ian Rushbrook's Laser Solitaire won the two races. Results from the two races are given below with elapsed time flowed by corrected times.

Race 1:
1 Solitaire, 33:13, 30.56m(Laser, Ian Rushbrook), 2 Feva, 43:56, 36.61m (RS Feva, Ross Sinclair and Kevin Foulis), 3 Moonshadow Laser, 39:53, 36.68m (Laser, Barbara Bailey)

Race 2:
1 Solitaire, 35:04, 32.26m, 2 Moonshadow, 39:19, 36.16m, 3 Feva, 50:20, 41.94m

The third race was the Allcomers where Peter Tipler's Go Faster Blue was fastest. Solitaire was over the line at the start, and Aquamania retired. Full results are given below, with elapsed time followed by corrected times given.


Position Boat Name Elapsed Time Corrected Time
1 Go Faster Blue 39:23.4 35.26
2 Smurf 39:31.0 35.37
3 Fiddlesticks 39:47.0 35.61
4 Moonstone 39:59.6 35.8
5 Go Quickly Red 40:06.3 35.9
6 Kontiki 40:23.0 36.15
7 Aeolus 40:35.4 36.33
8 Boreus 40:42.9 36.45
9 Jaws 40:46.5 36.69
10 Hassfang 41:41.9 37.33
11 Moonshadow 41:58.2 38.61
12 Feva 49:07.3 40.93


The prizegiving and a barbeque were held after the racing. Many thanks are due to all those who helped make the event a success, in particular to Neil Foubister without whom the event would not have happened. Thanks are also due to Margaret Hinkley, Isobel Tipler and Willie Watters for the race management, safety boat drivers (Donnie Hall, Brendan Fletcher, Derek Johnson), the tent team, (including Ilona and Glen Foubister, Ewan Stevenson, Freya Stevenson) and all those who organised the catering (Susan Foubister, Sylvia, Caroline, Bu, Cath). Malcolm Gordon, Mark Causer, Mairi Fleet, Charlie Siderfin deserve a mention for organising lots of things to make the event go smoothly. The visiting dinghies, and yoles should also be mentioned for making the event a great spectacle. There is a good chance some folk have been missed, sincere apologies if your name should be mentioned above.

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