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The yearly Budworth Sailing Club event was planned for Bank Holiday Monday and followed last year’s successful format to have a themed event. The theme this year was something with a letter ‘S’. Participating teams keep their theme a close secret and it is only revealed just before the briefing. The OD for the day, Eric Paalman, promised to bring the Sun with him. True to his word the sun consisted of a large yellow paper lantern strung to a contraption that was made using a fishing rod, bamboo cane and fixed to a backpack. The result was the sun was always shining for all competitors. Although a bit impractical the OD managed to boat start four races without getting tangled. Pauline Penny and Michelle Ditchburn dressed up as Sausages and also decorated their Snipe with homemade sausages (hanging from the spreaders) and the deck decorated with barbeque essentials. Ali Cormack and Gemma Hewett dressed up as mad Scientists with lab coats and safety goggles and spectacular hairdo’s. Charlie and Jane Whitaker decided the weather wasn’t warm enough and came kitted out in Ski gear. Further themes were: Scarlett, Stage crew, Snipe, Shorts and the assisting OD, Eve Paalman, came dressed as a Spy. It must have been a ball in the dressing room when everyone was getting ready changing into their outfits.

The wind was a light Southerly and the OD set boat starts and boat finishes. The plan was to run fairly short races. The first race saw Nick Devereux battling it out with Charlie Whitaker. It came down to a Photo finish with Nick just beating Charlie on the line. The second and third race were run back to back and in honour of the Sausage theme the course was Windward Leeward sausages. Charlie bounced back from his defeat and came in first closely followed by Tracy Antonelli. The sausages liked the course and came in third place. Race three saw Tracy just beating the juniors Nick and Charlie.

Everyone returned to shore to enjoy an Antonelli Ice cream. The last race of the day was in honour of the Mad Scientist team. The course was as mad as the scientists and it involved a few loops around ‘A’ and ‘B’ bouys. Unfortunately the scientists were struggling to find the pace (maybe the steamed up safety glasses to hairdo’s hindered them) so Nick just beat Tracy on the line and Bernice Mister crewed by Lynn Paalman came in third.

Four races and three different race winners proved that despite the costumes the sailing was very competitive. Taking into account one drop race Nick Devereux crewed by Miles Buckley won the juniors and although Tracy came second the first all female Snipe team were the Mad Scientists, Ali and Gemma. The Sausages, Pauline and Michelle, came last but were awarded the best dressed outfit and Snipe for the day. The prize giving was complemented with homemade scones with strawberries and cream and Pistachio ice cream.

The format was very successful and maybe next year you may want to join the Snipes pursuing “Serious Sailing Serious Fun”.

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